about-picI am a food lover, passionate windowsill gardener, master of
making a meal with whatever is in the cupboard. I dedicate this blog to my love and passion for cooking, the relentless search for recipes, food inspiration and making a fancy meal with just basic things everyone has in their cupboard.

I hope to inspire you to add some fancy into everyday cooking. There is no reason why everyday meals can’t be upgraded to more refined flavours. Everybody should eat well and leave the junk food to fast food places.

I also have a page that is about diet. Well, having a good diet is crucial to being healthy but I totally understand that it is much easier to stay in the treaded path. The problem with this is that weight gain and the subsequent search for the weight loss miracle is imminent.

You might think that there are enough blogs and websites out there about this topic. Well, I think I have a different approach based on personal experience. Usually diets and weight loss are very structured, while this is possibly good for people that have the will power to go with it. I found that the super structured approach is actually stressful by itself, so I am hoping that my tips will be helpful to you.
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Have a lovely day and happy cooking.