The weight loss continues

Let’s go straight to the nitty gritty of what has worked for me so far diet wise and had me drop 10 lbs in just over a month. Before we go ahead it is worth mentioning, there could have been a greater weight loss than the one I am reporting but summer is the time of social events, BBQ’s and meeting up with friends so whilst being strict I was also not so strict, if that makes any sense 🙂

Now as I don’t want to avoid such gatherings or events all together I nee to make some compromise. Firstly I try my best to avoid too big portions on the dreaded “day after”, secondly I am sticking to a quite rigid regime during the week, which so far has worked out fine for me.

I bought a digital kitchen scale to take exact measures of my food and I also record everything religiously on my food tracker app (mynetdiary). I had a scale before but I am certain that it wasn’t as exact as my scales now and they didn’t break the bank either (Argos).

Currently I am replacing breakfast with a soy protein & baobab mix shake (buy baobab, buy soy protein) but still have my black coffee. This gives me the protein, fiber and a good load of  vitamin C and keeps me full until lunchtime on most days, if not I have a piece of fruit mid-morning to tie me over.

Lunches are always prepared the day before and I am totally loving green bean salad at the moment. I steam the beans (about 170 gr) and grill about 80-100 gr of chicken breast. Add a small shallot and perhaps a 3-5 grams of either sunflower/ pumpkin seeds or some pine nuts too. You can also switch for some carrots and a dash of olive oil or broccoli. I try to stick to a veggie platter and a bit of protein, however I try to stay within 50 gr a day.

Too much protein makes the body acidic, resulting in energy crashes and overeating. Although we all need 45g protein a day for cell growth, maintenance and repair, most of us get too much. Portion size is the answer there. With the tracker app it is easy.

The lunches are as plain as they come and adding dressing or oil (apart from a teaspoon with carrots for absorption) defeats the purpose of this filling but low calorie lunch, but then I do actually love the pure and natural flavor of veggies. When starting out or after a night out I understand that you might feel the need to add something extra but apart from 1 tablespoon of olive oil if really you must, I would advise to stay away. A tablespoon of dressing will not have the same effect and you will probably overeat and feel bad. There are also sugar and other “baddies” that it would be wiser to avoid.

I do add pepper and a small pinch of salt but generally I am happy just with the “plain Jane flavor”, one thing that  might add a bit of flavor to the dish is to cook the chicken in a pan with s drop of oil and when it is pretty much done just add a dash of water to the pan. This will lift the flavor from the pan and give you a bit of liquid that if mixed with the green beans adds a subtle something to it, of course you could also add other spices like smoked paprika or mixed herb mixes or a bit of mustard 🙂

Dinners are not much different but because I always mix day and evening up and try to get my 5-8 a day. I do however have a slice of Emmenthal (about 22 gr) or 20 gr of any other cheese you like. I also have a 50 ml, or just over a shot of red grape juice. This adds vitamins and helps digestion with what you are about to eat. Leave about 10 minutes between the juice and your dinner.

So far this has worked for me and I didn’t feel hungry or at least not extreme in any way that I can’t sleep or have hunger pans. Using my calorie tracker i am averaging about 800 calories a day which can be considered as a very low calorie diet and is not for everyone. I have found if you make the effort and pack this with veggies, low calorie and clean food, the amounts you can eat are so much that it is hard to feel hungry. If you do, perhaps a detox cleanse would be beneficial as there might be sugar and all sorts of junk cravings still nagging you. I am happy with the results I am getting so far and with that in mind or better said mindfulness, it is getting easier each day.

Hope you liked the update and please let me know if you have any question.